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    Welcome to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety Online Learning Resource

    This online learning resource will support your appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture, the impact of colonisation, and subsequent impacts on health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This learning resource will also focus on cultural safety in healthcare to support improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

    There are 20 topics in this learning resource. Each topic includes key information, activities to support learning and questions for reflection. It is suggested that you spend a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes on each topic. 

    This learning resource asks for considered reflection on learning at the end of each topic. However, content in this module that is related to clinical practice is assessable as part of the second part exam.

    Please note this online course may contain images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who have passed on.


    Below are some tips to make navigating through the topics and resources easier for you.

    • Select the modules from the main course screen; you will see the topics and activities listed. You can visit and re-visit any topic in any order
    • Use the breadcrumb links under the blue site menu at the top of the screen to simply move back a layer within the course
    • Use the site navigation Forward > and Back < arrows that you will see at the bottom of each screen
    • There is also a Jump to... drop-down feature at the bottom of each screen that will take you directly to a topic, reflection activity or reference screen
    • All external web links will open in a new browser window; simply close the new window to return to the topic screen
    • At the bottom of each topic screen, you will see instructions to select an image to take you directly to the reflection activity
    • When you submit your reflection activity, you will be taken back to the topic screen for that activity
    • All topic reference screens have direct web links, opening in a new window, to assist you with further resources